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March 27, 2012 / Purple Lily

Fruit Tree

In Happiness as in Love, not all is always perfect

Although… many, wish to believe their fruit is completely ripe, sweet, and delicious and; their tree only bears excellent fruit. Let us not be fakes! Attempting to pretend what it is not! When at the highest of our Happiness peak, the highest fruit plunges to its dismay into the cold hard ground beneath it and becomes bruised or broken. Let us not ignore the spoiled and the rotten fruit of our tree. Happiness and Love the same are never perfect. There are both rottenness of the mind of the heart within our souls and sometimes the flesh. Other times there are blissful moments that permeate our lives entirely; however, these are only for a brief moment.

Let us not fall prey to imaginary tales of happy lives filled with Happiness and Love. Instead, let us live for the good moments. Let us enjoy the sweet fruit and let us clean up the debris surrounding the trunk of our tree, so that the whole does not become foul with distasteful and bitter fruit. 

Hypocrites[1]! Let us not be.

Life is filled with joy, let us make the best from the fruit which bears these moments and share them candidly with the world around us, so as to bring illumination to others and enjoyment of the Fruit of Life, which leads us all on the same journey toward Love and Happiness.


Written by Lillian Last 1/12/2010 
Edited 1/17/2010

[1] Hyp-o-crite [híppә krít] Definition: somebody feigning high principles: somebody who pretends to have admirable principles, beliefs, or feelings but behaves otherwise.


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